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Are You Facing Issues that Peer Collaboration Could Be of Value?
Are you a business and executive that is facing these issues?
  • Healthcare costs and Obamacare as we enter 2014
  • California increases in taxes, fees and other obligations
  • The pace of the ecomomic recovery in California
  • Needing to grow with less financial and personnel resources
  • Desire for greater personnel moral, cohesiveness and "buy-in"
Profit pressure
Customer satisfaction
Leveraging core competencies
Productivity and efficiency
Perception in the marketplace
Alignment with business strategy
Exit and succession planning
Financial management
Employee morale
Financial reward
Ability to focus on core responsibilities
Perception of peers
Career advancement
Personal growth and development
Job security
Home and work balance
Stress and anxiety
Political games and pressure
Do these thoughts resonate with you?
The current economic cycle is worse than most in terms of its serious economic consequences and anticipated longevity. We know this much ... every economic cycle has produced new business, destroyed ill-prepared ones, and significantly changed the business models for those who did survive. How has this cycle affected your business?
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