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The following is a partial list of reference brochures, documents and other materials...
"Why Peer Advisory Groups Will Be The Next Big Thing" by Bill George, Harvard Business School Professor, former Medtronic CEO, and Best-Selling Arhor

"Five Reasons Peer Advisory Groups Can Work for CEOs" by Leo Bottary

"Why I Decided to Join Vistage" by MP Mueller, Founder Door Number 3 Advertising

"Who Are You Talking To?" by Tom Searcy, Author, Speaker and Consultant

"It's Not Quite as Lonely at the Top" by MP Mueller, Founder Door Number 3 Advertising

"CEOS In My Vistage Peer Group Candidly Reveal The Impact The Group Has Had On Their Businesses" by Brian L. Davis, PH.D and Vistage Chair

"I's Time to Acknowledge CEO Loneliness" by Thomas J. Saporito, CEO RHR International

"Do You Feel Lonely As A Leader?  Study Says You're Not Alone" by Kristi Hedges . Leaderhsip Coach and Author

"In Meetings on the Web, Owners Trun to Owners for Advice and Support" by Ian Mount, New York Times

"Why CEO Peer Advisory Groups Work" by Dianne Durkin, Loyalty Factor

"The Benefits of Belonging to a CEO Group" by Christopher Hann, Freeland Writer and Journalism Professor at Rutgers University

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