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Marshall Krupp, Vistage Chair
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"Marshall offers the mentorship that can lead a successful professional, executive or entrepreneur to exceed goals in record time. His mentorship/mastermind type program provides members with a valuable personal and professional advisory board with an array of resources that can catapult its members forward in their careers and lives. His leadership talent, mentorship skills, transparency, discipline and authenticity have induced many to exceed their perceived limitations."

-- John Bisnar, Partner
    Bisnar/Chase Law Firm 
"Marshall has guided my corporation through the recession. I have found his wisdom and guidance to be valuable and right on. His insights and foundation of accountability enabled me to make tough decisions needed to be made. And, he did it with authenticity and humility.”

-- Evan Goldschlag, President
   Videocam, Inc.
"I've been a Vistage member for almost two years, and I can say with great passion that the value I receive, month in and month out, far exceeds the expense and time committment. The diversity of my group allows me to draw on decades of experience in areas in which I'm lacking. Further, the added accountability provided by Vistage members, to Vistage members, not present for most small business owners is of immeasurable benefit in ensuring that my organization and team remain true to our goals. My Chair has become a close friend and has provided a level of support that's hard to find that continues to help me lead my business forward."

-- Todd Vande Hei, President
Stark Training, Nutrition and Supplements
"Vistage helped my business expand into new markets. Reaching out to people who've had that experience gave us insight into the challenges we faced."

— Reid Carr, President
Red Door Interactive

"Vistage gave me the confidence to push through and get to where we are today — a 20% increase in our business."

— Nanci Porter, President
Eastridge InfoTech
"Vistage has been integral as I have transitioned into taking over my family’s 25 year old business. Working in a family-owned business setting presents unique challenges and my Vistage Chair has extensive experience in this arena. Thanks to Vistage coaching, and the support of my Vistage mates, I have been able to smoothly navigate challenges that could have been much more disruptive. Moreover, the outside perspective I have received, and the benefits of hearing the experiences of extremely successful business owners, has been invaluable."

-- Theresa Louis, CPM, President
Pacific West Asset Management Corporation
"I consider myself to be very fortunate to have Marshall in my life. I have found him to be insightful, a great listener, and an astute mentor and advisor. As a personal and professional guide, I find him to be a valuable asset."

-- John DeStrakosch, Founder
Mind-Body Development
"In the year and a half since I've been a part of Vistage, I have become a much better leader and person than I could have hoped to become on my own. I have been consistently encouraged and challenged by my talented Vistage peers and our incredible Chair. In our group, each of us knows that our Chair is the primary reason our Vistage group is so powerful. The Chair is more than a business advisor or coach - the Chair is our core. The Chair has an amazing ability to set the stage, focus our conversation, draw out the most important points and encourage us to take effective steps to resolve our issues.  Each month, I look forward to our energized conversations and the growth that always comes from our time together.  I cannot recommend Vistage enough, though I will always try."

-- Chris Carmichael, V.P. Development
Royal Family Kid’s Camps, Inc.
"With Vistage I have a trusted advisory board that I can go to, knowing that their advice will not be textbook generic—it will be tailored to my personal values and priorities."

-- Feyzi Fatehi, CEO
Corent Technology, Inc
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